Why Words and Perspectives Make a Difference in Life and in Business

Dr. Kevin Gazzara
6 min readAug 19, 2017

Becoming an expert in any niche is important but maintaining a broad perspective with the right mindset is highly essential for the survival. Presence or absence of strategic perspective is the determining factor for every success or failure in business. Quick wins in business can sometimes lead to failure. In the same vein, short-term failures could lead to lasting success in the future. Making decisions that produce far-reaching result goes beyond crunching the numbers. It involves a strategy that views business challenges from multiple angles that allow leaders to consider several closely-related options. Thus, strategic perspective is essential to making a big difference in business. The big question is how a leader maintains a broad perspective.

Business perspective broadens your horizon on how you view and tackle important challenges. This requires a tactically-formulated approach towards your business model considering lots of possibilities with predetermined objectives and how decisions affect your overall performance and growth.

Why is Perspective Essential in Business?

Strategic perspective enhances the leaders’ chances of making better decisions. This revolves around considering the past, present and future of objectives that boost efficient and profitable decisions aimed at developing better brand strategy and higher growth. It puts information in the right context that resonates with insights necessary to achieve organisational goals. This helps you to gather the right information about your business environment, competitors and customers, especially from digital intelligence.

Passion, Pragmatism and Personality as Ingredient to Broad Perspective

According to Inc.com, critical factors in business success require applying a holistic business model which most times centre on your product, place, price and promotion. In achieving the aforementioned, you need the capacity to reinvent yourself, organisation and objectives with a strong line of passion. The desire to achieve higher performance and growth is deep-rooted in your passion as a leader.

Once you nurture the passion for achieving the business goals, you need to fuel it with pragmatism. This means that you break…

Dr. Kevin Gazzara

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