Why “Blame” has “lame” in it: Don’t Get Trapped in this Leaderless Game

Dr. Kevin Gazzara
5 min readFeb 20, 2020

It Starts with You

Are you an expert finger pointer? Are you someone who immediately starts assigning blame for the actions of others? If so, you are destroying the opportunity to be viewed as a leader. The best leaders start with the premise that “I’m the problem, or I am contributing to the problem”. This doesn’t mean that you should instantly accept the blame, it means that to complete the best analysis of the situation you will need to start with an internal focus before you move to the external focus. Quite often you will discover that the solution lies with you and by starting with blame or others you’ve revealed a lame image to others of who you are as a leader. Blame is narcissism clothed in defense. It is not a hallmark of effective leadership; it signals personal irresponsibility. Dangers of blame abound but, is there hope in the hopeless lame blame?

Blame is a practice that destroys what you should be working to protect, how you are viewed as a leader. Taking responsibility for your shortcomings and weaknesses shows others that you are not infallible and that you are open to growth. The fear of being accountable or being part of the problem can significantly affect your image, your relationships, and the ability to obtain and sustain long-term results. Digging the additional depth of this hole will only add more work to your already busy schedule, and ultimately you’ll need additional energy to rebuild relationships and trust. Don’t create more work for yourself and others, there are already enough challenges to go around.

Those who indulge in the blame game often bounce from one goal to another, find it difficult to honor their obligations, and might act on the whim of others. Demonstrating this reluctance to take responsibility for their actions creates a longer road to travel to an optimal problem solution than is needed. This lame approach doesn’t just hurt you and the individual, but it can have residual effects of the team or those that become entangled in the resulting altercations.

What the Experts Say

According to several leadership experts, one of the causes of the lack of personal and team accountability is ineffective organizational leadership. Such…

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