The 12 Greatest Questions to Hire a Coach in 2024

Dr. Kevin Gazzara
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As we embark on a new year that will be characterized by rapid change and unprecedented challenges, hiring an executive coach or life coach may just be the best investment you can make to ensure you don’t have to go it alone. Hiring a coach has been proven to be one of the most valuable proactive steps towards unlocking one’s full potential for accelerated success.

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Coaching vs. Consulting

In the dynamic realm of personal and professional development, the terms coaching and consulting are often used interchangeably, leading to confusion regarding their distinct purpose and approach. While both play crucial roles in fostering growth, they diverge in fundamental ways, each offering a unique set of skills and approaches.

Coaching is a collaborative process focused on unlocking an individual’s potential and facilitating self-discovery. A coach acts as a guide, employing powerful questioning techniques and active listening to help clients explore their goals and aspirations. The emphasis in coaching lies in drawing out the client’s innate abilities, fostering self-awareness, and encouraging responsibility for one’s actions. This approach is akin to navigating uncharted waters, where the coach provides the compass direction, and the client pilots the ship.

Consulting on the other hand, is characterized by providing expert advice and solutions to specific challenges. Consultants are subject matter experts who offer specialized knowledge to address organizational issues and/or personal dilemmas. Unlike coaching, consulting involves a more directive approach, where the consultant analyzes the situation, diagnoses problems, and collaboratively develops solutions with the client. It is comparable to having a skilled navigator on board, providing specific guidance to you as the ship’s captain as you travel through known waters with precision and expertise.

Divergent Approaches, Common Goals

While coaching and consulting diverge in their approaches, they share a common objective of facilitating growth and development. Coaching is rooted in the belief that individuals possess the answers within themselves, while consulting operates on the premise of leveraging external expertise to drive results. The key lies in beginning with the understanding of your current self-coaching strength and your consulting knowledge which will be shown in the report you will receive once you have completed your FREE assessment at:

Executive coaches bring specialized expertise to the corporate realm, assisting leaders in honing their skills, navigating organizational dynamics, and fostering innovation. Alternatively, life coaches offer invaluable support in personal growth, aiding individuals to overcome obstacles, set meaningful goals, and cultivate a balanced and fulfilling life. In a world where adaptability and resilience are prized assets, a coach serves as a trusted partner, offering tailored strategies to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

The 12 greatest questions to hire a coach in 2024

1. Do your qualifications (backgrounds, credentials and certifications) match my needs?

It’s crucial to ensure that the coach’s qualifications align with your specific needs. Asking about their background and certifications helps ensure they possess the expertise required to address your unique challenges and goals.

2. Do you administer assessments that are validated to help identify my areas for development?

Validated assessments provide a scientific and reliable basis for optimal coaching strategies. This ensures that the coach’s approach is tailored to your individual needs and grounded in sound behavioral principles. Many assessments used are not validated and may provide information that is incorrect.

3. Is your program built on a proven coaching model?

A proven coaching model will ensure that the coach’s approach can provide repeatable results based upon previous successes. Aligning the most appropriate coaching model to your specific needs will guarantee you a better chance for optimal success.

4. Is your program customizable to fit my specific areas of improvement that I need?

A customizable program ensures that the coaching is tailored to your specific needs. This flexibility is essential as it allows the coach to address your unique challenges and goals. A one size fits all model used by many coaches may not deliver you the best results in the fastest manner possible.

5. Does your program offer consulting in addition to coaching?

Offering both coaching and consulting provides a holistic approach. While coaching focuses on personal development, consulting brings in expertise and advice, enriching the coaching experience and potentially accelerating progress. Finding a person that can provide both coaching and consulting will limit the cost, potentially contradictory guidance, and any unnecessary redundancies.

6. Does your program include just-in-time coaching for unexpected circumstances?

Finding a coach that offers just-in-time coaching rather than charging you by the hour is rare to find, but not impossible. The ability to have the access to a coach for just-in-time coaching for unexpected challenges provides insight into the coach’s adaptability and his or her commitment to your ongoing success. This program element ensures timely support during critical moments.

7. Does your program use a quantitative measurement system to track my progress?

Most coaches only provide qualitative methods for providing feedback. Although useful, it can be gathered in an inconsistent and subjective way. A quantitative measurement system begins with a baseline measurement that allows for objective and consistent tracking of your progress throughout the coaching engagement. This approach ensures that the coaching process is not just qualitative but includes measurable outcomes, providing consistent tangible evidence of your development.

8. Does your program provide tools that will help me become a better coach myself?

A great coach leads by example. As you continuously improve your areas for development, the coach should be using and demonstrating the tools to empower your self-coaching and you can use these tools to coach others. The best way to learn is to teach. This question addresses the coach’s commitment to your long-term success beyond the duration of your coaching program.

9. Can you provide references and success-stories from your coaching clients?

Receiving references and success stories provides evidence of the coach’s track record. It offers insights into the coach’s ability to deliver results and the influence they have had on their clients. Attaining a list of clients, who are not just current clients that you can talk, will provide insight into the lasting impact the coach has had on that person’s personal life and professional career.

10. Am I able to exit your program at any time?

The ability to exit a coaching program at any time is essential for maintaining autonomy. It ensures that you have control over your coaching journey, aligning with your evolving needs and priorities. There may be a red flag for coaches that have exit restrictions, possibly indicating that the financial assurance for the coach may take precedence over the best interests of the client.

11. Does your program offer a money-back guarantee?

A money-back guarantee reflects the coach’s confidence in their ability to deliver value. This assurance reduces the risk for the client, signaling the coach’s commitment to achieving measurable and meaningful results. Details of a money-back guarantee should be discussed prior to signing a final contract so that there is a clear understanding of expectations from both parties.

12. Is the cost and duration of your program negotiable?

Negotiability in cost and duration demonstrates the coach’s willingness to work within the constraints with a focus on your needs. This should not be a discount, but a customization to provide what is needed without any unnecessary bells and whistles. This question ensures that the coaching engagement is not only effective but also accessible and adaptable to your budget and timeline.


If you haven’t done so already, now is the time for the first step in your transformative journey by completing the FREE Assessment. This will help you determine whether coaching, consulting, or a blend of both aligns with your aspirations and challenges. These twelve comprehensive interview questions will serve as a guide to select your ideal coach/consultant, ensuring a customized and impactful journey.

Now is the time to seize the opportunity to act on your aspirations. Engage in the dialogue with potential coaches, use the assessment tool, and embark on a transformative partnership. 2024 awaits as a blank canvas for you to begin painting the image of personal and professional success story. Let your journey begin today, there is no time like the present.

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