Manufacturing Leaders’ Top 6 Tips to Hire Your Best Workers in Times of Scarcity

Dr. Kevin Gazzara
5 min readNov 11, 2023

Special thanks to the expert Manufacturing Plant and Operations Managers, Rob McBroom (@Rob-McBroom) Carlos Garcia (@Carlos-Garcia), Tip Harris (@Tip-Harris) and James Schuler (@James-Schuler) for their practical insights.


In today’s highly competitive job market, finding and hiring top talent is crucial for the success and stability of any organization. Plant managers and operations managers play a pivotal role in understanding and ensuring the success and efficiency of their operations. To achieve this, they must assemble a talented workforce that can meet the demands of modern manufacturing. This article explores valuable insights and tips from experienced plant and operations managers on how to identify and hire the best workers to drive productivity, stability, and success in manufacturing plants.

In this article we will share our best tips to help you hire your best workers. Although focused on manufacturing, you will find many of the recommendations valuable for other industries.

Hiring Tips

“Finding and onboarding are actually the most difficult parts of hiring, it’s almost a hit or miss proposition, particularly at the entry level. Spend your focused time there for the best results.” Rob McBroom — Vice President of Operations — Rosen Aviation

1. Define Clear Job Requirements

The first step in hiring the best workers begins with a well-defined job description. According to Smith (2019), “A precise job description serves as a roadmap for identifying candidates who possess the necessary qualifications and skills to excel in the role.” Plant managers emphasize the importance of clearly outlining the responsibilities, skills, and qualifications required for the position. This not only attracts candidates who are a good fit but also helps in evaluating their suitability during the interview process.

Make sure the job requirements are clear. Don’t just hire for title or position. Start by looking at what the hiring organization is struggling with and what is needed to fill the gaps in the team. James Schuler — Factory Operations Manager — Paragon Space Development Corporation



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