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Dr. Kevin Gazzara

5 Simple Practices to Restart Your Pandemic-laden Relationships With Friends and Colleagues

Our friends are the people we run to once we have good news or need a shoulder to cry on. At the same time, they’re also some of the people we can take for granted most in our lives. If your…

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Let’s be Honest

It’s up to you on how to decide to respond to the feedback. Our brains are only wired to see the feedback as an opportunity or as a threat. The word criticism has a negative connotation immediately if you place the discussion or feedback in that category. …

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Lewis Carroll

According to Bart & Baetz (1998), more than 500 firms surveyed have some forms of mission and vision statements. To echo the sage words from Lewis Carroll, knowing where you are going becomes critical for success. To help lead us in the right direction, organizations look toward their leaders to provide a vision of a path to achieve that is possible.

Many visible leaders who are effective are seen as charismatic. They are recognized as the drivers of organizational success. Salman (2013) tells us that this charisma and success contributes to the creativeness, innovation, and productivity in creating a reliable…

What is Leadership?

In the words of Peter Drucker and Warren Bennis, two of the most recognized names in the field of business, “Leadership is doing the right things and management is doing things right”. This approach also closely ties to ethics, which is knowing the right path and taking it. Robin S. Sharma said that “leadership is not about designation and title”. Sharma’s view of leadership is one of impact, influence, and inspiration, impactful in getting results; influential in spreading the passion to inspire others to achieve their goals.

Management vs. Leadership

Chris Hadfield believes that leadership is all…

It Starts with You

After spending 30+ years in the corporate world and consulting for the last 12 years I still find that there is a positive correlation between companies that have great communication and the health of their organization. We consistently talk about the importance of good communications and the perils bad communications, yet in the execution, most of us fall short in meeting our own expectations and those of others. There are many great communicators in history and in the world today. Look at John F. …

The Benefits of Teamwork

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash
Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

Getting Started

Even the best multitasking manager can crash and burn when confronted with the demands of the modern-day running of businesses, especially when trying it alone. Let’s be honest, for complex work, there is no way you can get yourself. And the great managers know they shouldn’t be trying to do it alone. However, an effective team is as good as the soul any organization and that is why you need to cultivate teamwork.

How can you manage the hiring and training of employees with coaching, engaging, monitoring, motivating, prioritizing, planning, evaluation and clarifying the vision and mission of…

By Dr. Kevin Gazzara and Dr. Murtuza Ali Lakhani


Who wouldn’t want Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Sachin Tendulkar, and the Williams sisters on their team? They are the superstar athletes of their game. But what would happen if Beckham were to play basketball, Jordan cricket, Woods football, Tendulkar tennis, and the Williams’ Sisters soccer? Would they per­form at those sports as they do at the top of their own games? Certainly not!

When we consider Jim Collins’ book with the Good-to-Great instruction of “getting the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus,” we over­look…


COMMUNICATION — My Top 10 Most Popular Quotations

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  1. “Investing in how and what you communicate will pay the best dividends.” — Dr. Kevin Gazzara
  2. “Great communication is the foundation for successful leaders, not an afterthought.” Dr. Kevin Gazzara

Mentoring and Coaching

Let’s Get Started

Dr. Kevin Gazzara

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