7 Priceless Tips for Your Joyful Retirement

Dr. Kevin Gazzara
5 min readJan 30, 2022
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7 Priceless Tips for Your Joyful Retirement

The best way to read this article is to score yourself on a scale of 0 to 5 on how well you have planned to do each of the 7 priceless tips. Once you have finished the article, begin tackling the items with the lowest scores or the ones that are the most important to you.

Retirement blesses us with time to do what we envision to do what we truly crave. We’re free to follow our heart’s true desire and find joy while doing so. However, finding joy in retirement goes beyond finding a beach house to recline or having more spare time than you know what to do with it. Here are 6 priceless tips for a joyful retirement.

Scoring 1 = not at all, 2 = minimally, 3= somewhat, 4 = a good amount, 4 = a great amount

1) Know What You Want to Accomplish During Retirement (score____)

This tip may feel counterintuitive. You have just spent your 30 or more years working and now you have to define what you want to accomplish? What gives? Too many people miss the opportunity to make retirement meaningful. It doesn’t have to be complicated; it could be something as simple as helping or enjoying more with my grandchildren. Having a purpose will add meaning and it has been shown to extend your life.

2) Cut Your Spending by Budgeting (score____)

A lot has been said concerning money and happiness. While money doesn’t equate to happiness, it’s one vital component that is surely helpful to reduce stress for a more joyful retirement. A study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College on what makes retirees happy reaffirms the importance of money.

Many people go on a spending spree the minute they get their retirement money and then end up without sufficient funds as early as a few months later. You should want to require budgeting your money and spend wisely, as there wouldn’t be any monthly paychecks anymore.

3) Maintain a Daily Routine (score____)

Indeed, one of retirement’s most enticing benefits is the freedom to do whatever you desire. However, it’s easy to fall into unhealthy patterns which might be detrimental to your health. To prevent this, doctors recommend…

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